Workplace Diversity

Eagers Automotive proudly promotes diversity in the workplace. Below are the principles as outlined in the Company Diversity Policy.

  1. We recognise and value the inherent benefits in having a diverse workforce.
  2. Diversity may result from a range of factors: origin, age, gender, race, ethnicity, cultural heritage, lifestyle, education, physical ability, appearance, language and other factors.
  3. We value the differences between people and the contribution these differences can make to our business.
  4. It is good for our business to attract and retain the most talented and engaged people whose diversity reflects the communities in which we operate.
  5. Commitment to diversity broadens the pool for recruitment of high quality people and may encourage greater innovation within our business.
  6. In order to achieve optimum diversity in our workforce, it is essential that recruitment, selection, training, development, transfers, promotions and career management decisions are based on merit and are non-discriminatory. Our managers are responsible for ensuring that their employees are treated fairly and with respect and dignity.
  7. Within our policy of appointing or promoting the best person for the job on a non- discriminatory basis, we endorse the objectives of equal opportunity and aim to comply with all relevant equal opportunity legislation so that all candidates are given equal consideration.
  8. To create a working environment that is fair, safe, challenging and rewarding, we have implemented various workplace policies that all employees are required to adhere to. These include policies on Affirmative Action and Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Workplace Bullying.
  9. Each employee is responsible for the elimination of discriminatory practices and contributing towards the creation of a diverse and tolerant workforce.